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How Can I Be Happy and Secure if My Spouse Wants a Divorce?

by Jeanne M. Browne, Attorney at Law

sailboat in harborsailboat in harbor

You were blind-sided, you had no clue, and you don’t understand how this could have
happened to you. Your wife just told you she hasn’t loved you for years and she wants a
divorce. She wanted counseling years ago, but you didn’t want some shrink telling you
how to run your life. How could she? She knows you’re a good provider, working
overtime to keep the bills paid, the house repaired, and hey, you even took the whole
family to DisneyWorld last year. What’s not to love? You think some roses may change
her mind, but she already moved out with the kids.

Maybe instead you are a devoted wife who noticed your husband’s cell phone bill had a
repeated unfamiliar number, logged while he was working late. You swallow hard as
you call the number, hoping you are overreacting. A woman’s voice answers. Your
husband’s explanation confirms your worst fear: “She’s my high school sweetheart that I
never stopped loving — she’s my true soul mate.” He found her on Facebook, or was it
his profile? Your heart thuds, you go numb inside, unable to think straight for

While these stories are changed to protect the innocent (or the guilty) they reveal
incidents that change our lives, and threaten our security and happiness. Your situation
might involve less trauma because your children are grown and there is a mutual
decision to separate. You may still be asking “Where do I go from here?”
As a family law attorney in Santa Rosa for over 25 years, my goal is to help separating
or divorcing couples navigate through painful situations such as the above. My goal is to
make a positive difference for clients and their children who are surrounded by swirling
emotional tides beneath their ocean of legal issues. The undertow of the breakup tries
to snatch away their trust, and waves of doubt crash over their rock of security, so they
need a safe harbor to repair their human vessel and make it seaworthy again.

If you are ready to start rowing your boat ashore toward a protected cove, I’m ready to grab an oar to help. Simply call to schedule an appointment and we will discuss how best to secure your future. I’ll also give you a copy of our newly released book, while supplies last! “Happy and Secure in Sonoma County”

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